Where Ever YOU Will Lead Me

A collection of thoughts, stories, and ways in which God is leading, one little girl’s life. This page is to be a spot that friends can share, laugh, and love each other in the Lord. Above all bring honour and glory to The Lord God.

Monday, January 09, 2006

A Bit of an Update

Marry Christmas!!!
Happy New Year!!!
I am sorry, some of you who read this have already expressed to me that they are not very happy with my lack of blogging. I really did mean to post after I got home from Bancroft. But that was two weeks ago. So I am sorry. I kinda forgot to post during the break, I would only remember during the times when I had no opportunity to do so. Eg) during church or family get togethers.
Anyway, I had a most wonderful Christmas Break. During the first week I spent a lot of time with family and friends. It was busy but in a relaxed sort of way. The second week i spent a lot a time sleeping and lazing around the house. Trying to do home work, and avoiding it at the same time. Over all it was a great break. However, as I sit here in the school library, I feel the tiredness that school brings with it. It is good to be back.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The To Do List

I have been wanting to post for the past few days now. Even going as far as putting it on my TO DO list. However, I amd sorry to report that due to this busy time of year, (and poor use of time on my part) it has not been possible to do a real post. So I am going to Bancroft tomorrow and coming home on Sat. I will post upon return. Keep your eyes on Him.

Monday, December 19, 2005

A Great Injustice

Christmas is less than a week away. Yet there is still a four more days of school until the much needed break. I feel sometimes, as if there is not point in even coming to school. I feel this way because in all logic there is not, however I have too (because the school board says so and so do my parents). So what is a girl to do??? I am stuck in school doing work that seem as redundant as ever, thinking to myself I should be in bed sleeping off the headache that has developed around my swollen optical nerves. But the fact is that I am not, and can not be. So how do you deal with such injustice in your life??? Well, my first thought is to mope around, not doing my work to the best of my ability, and increasing my already pounding head with anger. However, God has called my to so much more. As he has clearly outlined in Philippians 2:14, Do all things without grumbling or disputing. So I would encourage all of you who may feel this way about some seemingly injustice in there lives to try following God simple instructions, without complaining.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

A lunch box...

This is from Caleb... You can tell because I used the (...) and anyone who knows me, knows that I do that all... the... time when typing...

Anyway, I was thinking about God's sovereignty(ya I know light topic), and I seriously think we forget about it far too oft. Just think about it for a minute... A lunch box could save someone's life. Lets say I decided I wanted to bring my lunch to school one day, and then someone(a non Christian) doesn't have a lunch and is hungry, and I gave it to them. Imagine how God could use that! That person would be left wondering " Why in the world did he just give me his lunch?" Then, there is the exciting part because God uses that to bring the person back asking questions and then you could tell them about Jesus' love. AND, then maybe they get saved!! ALL because you brought your lunch to school. Wouldn't that be amazing! I was just thinking about God's sovereignty, and how it is everywhere all the time. He has His ultimate plan always in the works, and we get to be a part of it. How blessed we are. Remember God is always at work, always working through every person to bring Him the most glory.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Let It Snow!!!

It is snowing!!! I love the snow, I mean there are just so many great things that can come out of a good snow fall. One of the greatest is a snow day,(hopefully we will have on tomorrow!) but there are other great things too. Snowmen, box sliding, awsome 360's, getting big strong men to push me out of the snow after 360. hehehe It is all great. The song Let It Snow, comes to mind. And since God is so faithful, and I have no where to go, let it snow. It is just a reminder to me of how clean and beautiful God has made me. In Psalm 51:7 after David had sinnedhe askes God to purify him, "Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." And I know that since Jesus has died on the cross and I have become His child, that i am whiter than snow. I can't even think of anything that is whiter then the fields after a fresh snow. They kinda glow. How Great is God's Perfect Plan!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

An Act of The Will

This past weekend has been one of the busiest in a long time, and the next is looking even busier. But one thing that has been popping into my head all day and weekend is this story by J. Sidlow Baxter, it is taken from the book the ladies at my church are studying right now, during mid-week meeting. It goes like this:

“As never before, my will and I stood face to face. I asked my will the straight question, “Will, are you ready for an hour of prayer?” Will answered, “Here I am, and I’m quite ready, if you are.” So Will and I linked arms and turned to go for our time of prayer. At once all the emotions began pulling the other way and protesting, “We’re not coming.” I saw Will stagger just a bit, so I asked, “Can you stick it out, Will?” and Will replied, “Yes, if you can.” So Will went, and we got down to pray… It was a struggle all the way through. At one point… one of those traitorous emotions had snared my imagination and had run off to the golf course; and it was all I could do to drag the wicked rascal back…
At the end of the hour, if you had of asked me, “Have you had a ‘good time’?” I would have had to reply, “No, it has been a wearying wrestle with contrary emotions and a truant imagination from beginning to end.” What is more, that battle with emotions continued for between two and three weeks, and if you had asked me at the end of that period, “Have you had a ‘good time’ in your daily praying?” I would have had to confess, “No, at times it has seemed as though the heavens were brass, and God too distant to hear, and the Lord Jesus strangely aloof, and prayer accomplishing nothing.”
Yet something was happening. For one thing, Will and I really taught the emotions that we were completely independent of them. Also, one morning, about two weeks after the contest began, just when Will and I were going for another time of prayer, I overheard one of the emotions whisper to the other, “Come on, you guys, it’s no use wasting more time resisting: they’ll go just the same.”…
Then, another couple of weeks later, what do you think happened? During one of our prayer times, when Will and I were no more thinking of the emotions than the man on the moon, one of the most vigorous of the emotions unexpectedly sprang up and shouted, “Hallelujah!” at which all the other emotions exclaimed, “Amen!” And for the first time the whole of my being-intellect, will, and emotions-was united in one coordinated prayer-operation. All at once, God was real, heaven was open, the Lord Jesus was luminously present, the Holy Spirit was indeed moving through my longings, and prayer was surprisingly vital. Moreover, in that instant there came a sudden realization that heaven had been watching and listening all the way through those days of struggle against chilling moods and mutinous emotions; also that I had been undergoing necessary tutoring by my heavenly Teacher.”

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Let Your Light Shine

Here I am sitting in my school library during my second period class, English. I should be in class reading a book, with questionable language and scenes in it. The reason I am not, God is good!!! I have been given an alternative assignment to do. Rather then reading this questionable book, I am reading The Hiding Place, a book about Corrie ten Boom. Now you may be thinking, I wonder what she had to do to get out of that, and be able to read a book about an amazing Christian woman. The answer is simple, nothing. My teacher, knowing that I am a Christian and don’t like to say, read, or have anything to do with profanity, came to me an offered this alternative assignment. I did not have to fight for it, I did not have to even say anything. I was willing to give it a try and do my best to get through it. But she knew that I would not like it and it would be compromise to do so. So she gave me a book on Gods great Love for his children. I was so encouraged by this, to know that my teacher can see Christ through me. God is Good!!!